Sandys StorySandys Story
Just wanted to write and comment on what a wonderful place AERC is. I can't thank EVERYONE enough for all their incredible efficiency and knowledge and getting our dog, Sandy, back to "normal." The stubborn stone blocking her bladder was putting our dogs' life in danger. Dr. Longbottom and Jessy knew exactly what to do and the steps to take to get that out of her. The surgery with Dr. Parr was risky and had various outcomes depending on what they found when they went in, but thankfully, they were able to remove the stone and rescue Sandy from such pain and misery. I appreciate Dr. Longbottom for putting in overtime to assist in the surgery. I appreciate the kindness from them and the incredibly through explanations of the scenerios that would follow. They constantly kept us abreast of everything going on step-by-step. There was no question we asked that they couldn't answer. I felt incredibly satisfied and relieved we had taken Sandy there and knew she was in superior care. I was so thankful someone was open at 4 in the morning to help us with our situation. I was so impressed that the actual Doctors themselves would take our phone calls immedicately, Dr. Parr, and not have to leave a message. All the technicians were so helpful, Angela, Amanda, and Becca. I only wish I lived closer to have them as my primary vet for Sandy. I also appreciated everyone calling throughout the weekend to check on the status of Sandy. To be honest, without them, Sandy may not be alive today. You made this 13 year old dog happy as a 2 year old puppy again !! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU


Peepers Care

 I wanted to express my thankfulness for the wonderful staff on 9-3-12 to take care immediate of my beloved Maine Coon cat Peepers who was taken in immediate for a life threatening condition and eventually he was in grave condition and was elected by me to take him out of pain & misery and comfort his body & soul to rest in peace. I surely miss him beyond words...and Dr. Miller was so professional, compassionate, informative of his condition and plight that was very comforting to me and Amanda was so compassionate in her thoughts to me and Peepers and it was with gratitude that I was very thankful for these wonderful people, care and in the midst of very trying time for me to lose my beloved cat.  Thank you so much for the card that had been sent to me for Peepers and that was such a sincere gesture.

                                                                             ~ Kevin Oakwood


Professional and Considerate

   "...Everything about our experience with you was timely and your staff was incredibly professional and considerate.  I just wanted to thank everyone at AERC on my behalf and on behalf of the Davis family for their courtesy, professionalism and efficiency in our time of crisis.  Keep up the great work! :)"

Tyler Wetzel

Exceptional Care

"Dear Dr.'s and Staff,


I would like to THANK all of you for the exceptional care that was provided for my dog Zohe during her visit on the weekend of April 24th (2010).  Not only do I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication, I thoroughly appreciated how sweet and pleasant everybody was during her stay.  Not once did I feel either she or I wasn't important.  You all made me feel as though she was just as important to you as she is to me.  You are a wonderful group of people and keep your spirit alive!  Don't ever change!  Thank you again and Zohe thanks you too!  She is doing well!"



Abbie M. 


Grateful Grateful

 "To Everyone at the Animal Emergency Center:

We just want you to know how very grateful we are for everything that you did to help our Pit Bull, Sugar!  Everyone that works there is so kind and was so sweet to Sugar!  All of you are wonderful.  We are so thankful that we have such a great emergency vet to take our pets in times of need.  Sugar had to be taken to the University of Pennsylvania and we are still praying for her recovery!  She wouldn't be here without you!

Thank you again!"



Steve Ott, Kelly Dorn and Sugar Marie


Admiration and Appreciation

 Dear Everyone,


"My husband and I were very touched by the grace and care with which you treated our dog Yeti the night of August 14.


We loved how you were so kind and took the time to smile at her.


So far, she's still with us!


I wish I knew all of your names so I could thank you personally."


With great admiration and appreciation,

Colleen & Brandon Osman and Yeti


Greatly Appreciated

"We just wanted to let the Animal Emergency Center of York know that Koda (our chincilla) is doing GREAT!  Thanks to you guys he is eating again and drinking normally!  Although he had a small chance you guys never gave up and we greatly appreciate it!"


Thank you!!

Jess, Chris and Koda


Pet Care Was Excellent

"During this time of the year when our hearts turn toward thankfulness and gratitude, my husband Larry and I would like to say thank you to Dr. A.J. Cooley, Dr. Miller, Katina and Amy, as well as all the other doctors and technicians at the Emergency Animal Clinic on Queen Street and also to Patton Veterinary Hospital, especially Dr. Schmidt.  All of you loved our great, Great Dane, Samson.  After his knee operation and its many complications throughout the spring and summer it was with great sorrow that he died of something totally unrelated in October (2009).  But we are very thankful for the four years that we had him.

The time, effort and money spent on his care by all were extraordinary.  All of you went the extra mile.  No amount of thanks will every express how much we appreciate the sacrifices made on Samson's and our behalf.  The facility and all who work at the Animal Er Clinic have big hearts for pets and their owners."


Larry and Cindy Baugher